The syndicat

The Trade Union Committee

The SIAH of the Tude and Dronne Aval basins is administered by a union committee composed of delegates appointed by the member communes. Each of the municipalities is represented by one or two  titular delegates to sit on the committee with voting rights and a substitute delegate who will be called in case of absence of the titular delegate and will sit with deliberative voice. The communal delegates are 90 in number.

In this section you will find information on the following points:

  1. Presentation of the team, with the members of the Bureau, the President and his three Vice Presidents, the composition of the union committees, as well as the union employees and the missions.
  2. A river union, what for? In this chapter you will find explanatory leaflets on the role of the river unions, the role of the elected representatives, and a complete presentation of our union.
  3. The history and generalities about the union since its inception.
  4. The union’s budget: financial study conducted by Miss BEAUVAL, treasurer in Chalais, the results of the N-1 years and the projected budgets, in operation and investment.
  5. Minutes of the union committees.
  6. Deliberations taken following decisions voted in the union committee.